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Eloy is one of the world's skydiving centers known for its drop zones, ideal for thrill-seekers looking for perfect weather. Just a hop away, the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is rich in history. Eloy has strong economic growth and diversity.

It is also home to many pest infestations for various reasons that can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. Bee Bustin can identify the contributors on your property and remove unwanted pests with reliable pest control in Eloy, AZ.

Residential Pest Control In Eloy

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Bee Bustin is your go-to for top-notch home pest control in Eloy, AZ, including wasp and bee removal services. As a family and veteran-owned small business, environmental responsibility and your family's safety are very important to us.

Our comprehensive approach is not one-size-fits-all. We always listen to your concerns and will create a customized plan accordingly. With our help, you will enjoy year-round protection from unwanted guests like ants and cockroaches.

We're also passionate about saving bees and offer services like live bee and honeycomb removal, swarm trapping, and hive tracking for the safety of your home and the bees.

Our process starts with a personalized consultation so we can tailor our treatments and preventative services to your specific situation. We then design our flexible follow-up services around your needs. Customer reviews speak volumes about our service quality; your satisfaction is our priority. Call today to learn more about our options.

Commercial Pest Control In Eloy

At Bee Bustin, we understand the challenges of managing a business in the area. We specialize in commercial pest control in Eloy, AZ, to keep your workplace thriving with services tailored to your industry.

Pests can be unpredictable, and no two infestations are the same. We consider various factors to craft a customized and practical pest control plan, including species, facility layout, and more. We can work with you whether you are seeking preventative services or dealing with an active infestation.

Call us today to learn how over 15 years of experience and reliable, comprehensive solutions can protect businesses from the potential problems pests can cause.

Professional Water Treatments In Eloy

Water is a major attractant for stinging insects like bees and wasps. Keeping them at bay without preventive measures can be a challenge. And with a prolonged megadrought, even minimal outdoor moisture can attract insects. Bee Bustin offers specialized water treatments to prevent wasp and bee issues, even if you prefer to keep fixtures, like fountains, on your property.

Our all-natural water treatments are a gentle deterrent for scouting insects while keeping your water features clean. This eco-friendly solution is easy on the environment and on your budget. Our experts will start with an inspection to identify treatment points and apply the repellent and ongoing treatments based on your needs.

We consider multiple factors, including your property's layout, landscaping, fountains, and more, to make the area less attractive to stinging insects. Our use of products based on essential oils will ensure your safety while effectively deterring insects. We also offer transparent follow-up services without contracts for continuous protection. 

Call Bee Bustin today to discover how tailored, chemical-free water treatments in Eloy can make your home safer and more comfortable.

How Swarm Trapping Services Work In Eloy

Bees are crucial pollinators and vital to our ecosystem. It is essential to help them thrive despite the threats of habitat loss and pesticides. Still, they can be problematic when they invade our properties.

Shielding yourself and your loved ones from the risks of bee encounters is essential, especially considering that the United States is home to potentially aggressive European and Africanized honey bees.

Africanized bees are known for their relentless and prolonged attacks, which can be fatal. The Bee Bustin experts can safely handle the most challenging colonies.

Remember, DIY bee removal is strongly discouraged because of the role of these stinging insects as primary pollinators. Our specialists rely on a humane approach through swarm trapping, using scientifically designed artificial nests that serve as enticing alternatives for honey bees and allow for their safe removal.

Call us today to assess the situation and formulate a plan. Depending on your circumstances, we will recommend various options, including removing live bees and honeycombs. Our strategically placed swarm traps around your property will keep you and your family safe. Once we've collected clusters of bees, we will relocate them appropriately. 

Distinguishing aggressive bees from gentler ones is challenging and hazardous. For safety reasons, it is always best to handle bee issues with help from licensed specialists. Bee Bustin can provide practical strategies to protect you and our valuable bee population. Call today to learn how to handle any swarm with expertise and care.

Bee Bustin, a family and veteran-owned business since 2007, is Eloy's go-to pest control and bee removal expert. Get started with an inspection and meet our responsive and dedicated team.

Customer Reviews

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Justin came out to remove a swarm of honeybees. He did it in such a way to save, not kill the bees, for which we are grateful!

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Renee F

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