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Pest control in Benson can be uniquely challenging because of the desert climate here in Arizona. Desert pests do wander in from time to time, but many of the pest animals that give Arizona homeowners the most grief are animals that are not adapted to our area and therefore must depend on us to survive. At Bee Bustin, we know how to handle local pests and help you keep your home or business pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Benson

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Keeping pests at bay in Benson can be tough, especially when it comes to stinging pests. We have venomous pests in spades here in Arizona, including lovely specimens such as spiders, scorpions, and infamous "killer bees." Some of the pests in our area, such as the desert recluse and the Arizona bark scorpion, can inflict dangerous stings or bites. These pests are part of why professional residential pest control in Benson is so important in our area. 

Not only do you put yourself in danger of a bite or sting when you attempt to take care of your own pest control, but you can also wind up wasting a lot of time and money. Pest control methods that you can purchase at the store are often much less effective than the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques that professional pest control experts have access to. This is why calling the experts here at Bee Bustin is a much better idea than trying to take matters into your own hands. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Benson

Commercial property proprietors have an even more urgent need for commercial pest control services in Benson than residential property owners because the consequences of pest infestation on your commercial property are much higher than in your home.

Having pests in your home can, of course, cause serious problems like exposing your family to disease or risking damage to your property. However, you have all these problems and many more when it comes to pest infestations on your commercial property.

Problems pests can cause to commercial properties include;

  • Health Department fines and license suspensions

  • Lawsuits from employees or customers

  • Destruction of expensive commercial equipment

  • Damage to the business’s reputation

  • Loss of revenue

Pests are serious business in the business world, especially on commercial properties like apartments and hotels, where certain types of pests can wreak potentially catastrophic havoc. Nobody wants to stay at a resort with bees swarming all over the pool or live in an apartment full of roaches, so it's important to nip problems like this in the bud. If you're in certain businesses heavily threatened by pests, your livelihood could depend on it. 

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How To Deter Stinging Insects From Your Benson Property

Stinging insects are a serious problem here in Arizona. Not only are southern fire ants and desert fire ants virtually ubiquitous, but we also have quite a few species of flying insects that can sting, including wasps, hornets, and the infamous Africanized honeybee. 

Of all the types of stinging insects we have in our area, the flying social ones are the ones you should watch out for the most. Insects like yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and Africanized honeybees are extremely defensive of their nests and will become aggressive at the slightest provocation. 

This is why you should take measures to deter these insects from setting up shop on your property. Preventive stinging insect control is not always easy, but there are a few things you can do. One of the best ways to make your property less attractive to stinging insects is to eliminate places where they can establish nests. 

Fill holes in the ground to make it harder for ground-nesting wasps like yellow jackets to set up shop. Also, get rid of hollowed trees or fallen logs on your property. Trim tree branches and bushes as short as possible to make them less sheltering for aerial wasps and bees. 

You can also try planting herbs and flowers that stinging insects can't stand, like geraniums, marigolds, and basil. This strategy may be less effective if you also have plants on your property that attract these insects, like daisies or spearmint. 

The Benefits Of Professional Swarm Trapping In Benson

If you already have a wasp or bee nest on your property, watch out. Certain types of wasps and bees are known to swarm, sometimes with as many as thousands of insects, stinging as many times as it takes to eliminate any perceived threat, and even sometimes chasing threats over distances. Rarely, they have been known to sting victims to death.

This is why the safest thing you can do to deter these insects from your property is to let the professionals handle their swarms. Here at Bee Bustin, we have the appropriate safety equipment to ensure that aggressive stinging insects cannot use their favorite method of defense to prevent us from eliminating them from your property. 

Our bee control service professionals also use methods that do not harm the bees. We trick them into nesting in traps, and once they have nested in our specialized honey pots, we remove them from your property and take them to an area that's safer for you and them alike. That way, they can continue their important work of pollinating our crops and the wild plants in our ecosystem. 

So don't put yourself at risk of mistaking a violent Africanized honey bee for a docile bumble bee, and don't put these important pollinators at further risk of extinction. Just call in the beehive removal experts here at Bee Bustin. 

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