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Water Treatments In Tucson, AZ

Why Water Is The #1 Stinging Insect Attractant In Tucson

You’re doing all the right things to keep stinging insects away from your property. You’re trimming back trees, bagging up trash, and planting different flowers and shrubs. And yet, it seems like bees and wasps are always showing up outside your door. Are you doing something wrong?

Well, not quite.

One of the biggest attractant factors for Arizona bees and wasps is water. The city of Tucson has been in a megadrought for more than 20 years, so any amount of outdoor moisture can act as an attractant factor. However, it’s not always possible to completely remove water features from your backyard. In fact, you likely don’t want to drain your pool or get rid of your beautiful centerpiece fountain.

That’s where the professionals at Bee Bustin come in. Our specialty water feature treatments are uniquely designed to combat Tucson’s serious wasp and bee problem. Our all-natural treatments gently deter scouting insects while keeping your water clean and clear. It’s easy on people, easy on the environment, and easy on your wallet – all at the same time!

Call Bee Bustin today to discuss specialty water treatments and pest control for your home or business. 

What To Expect From Our Stinging Insect Water Treatment Process

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Specialty water treatments from the team behind Bee Bustin can deter stinging insects from your favorite water features. Our formulated bee repellent is safe, all-natural, and non-toxic to humans and pets, meaning you can make an application almost anywhere on your property.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • First, we inspect your home or business to identify possible treatment points. 
  • Next, we apply our product to pools, fountains, or other water sources. We can also make applications near trash cans, patios, and other outdoor spaces. 
  • We schedule ongoing pool and water feature treatments to address your concerns as needed. The length and efficacy of each treatment may vary depending on the season, but you can trust our team to show honesty and integrity every step of the way. 

Give yourself and your family additional peace of mind with stinging insect water treatments from Bee Bustin. Call us today to get a quote and book a service at a time that works for you.

Our Water Treatment Process

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We inspect your Tucson property for targeted bodies of water. We may inspect pools, fountains, ponds, and drainage systems that could be attracting bees and wasps to your property. Once we gather information and get a better understanding of your local environment, we can decide on a plan of treatment for your residential or commercial property.

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We apply all-natural stinging insect repellent to the water features around your property. In addition to pools, fountains, and ponds, we can also make applications near trash cans, patios, and porches. Since our product consists of non-toxic essential oils and is safe for humans and pets, you can rest easy knowing you made the right decision for your home, business, and family.

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Follow Up

You’re never required to sign a contract for pest control water treatments in Tucson. However, our professionals would be happy to set up recurring services at least once per month. We can make seasonal applications to your pool and fountain areas or come back before holidays, parties, and gatherings to protect your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Treatments

All animals need water to survive – including bees and wasps. Although the water in your pool, fountain, or drainage area may not be potable for people, it is more than adequate for thirsty insects needing a pick-me-up on a hot Arizona day.

The water treatment services of Bee Bustin are intricately designed to reduce the amount of interest created by water sources around your property. By carefully applying an all-natural product to the general location of your water source, we can quickly reduce questing insects and reduce your risks of stings.

Send Stinging Insects Aside With Water Treatments From Bee Bustin

Water is one of the hardest factors to mitigate when it comes to stinging insect control. The team at Bee Bustin can help keep your property safe from stinging insects while preserving your water features. Call today to find out more or schedule a service for your Tuscon property!

Customer Reviews

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Justin came out to remove a swarm of honeybees. He did it in such a way to save, not kill the bees, for which we are grateful!

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Renee F

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