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Swarm Trapping In Tuscon, AZ

Protect Yourself From Bees With Bee Bustin

Bee control can be a dangerous business here in Tuscon. Getting rid of regular European honeybees would be bad enough – as they will go on the offensive if their hive is threatened – but the fact that we have Africanized honeybees in our area makes things much more complicated.

While European honeybees will swarm and sting enough to eliminate a threat to their hives, Africanized bees will mount violent attacks that can last for prolonged periods. This type of bee is also known to chase perceived threats for long distances. Sometimes, their aggressive method of self-defense is even fatal. That’s why the best course of action if you have a bee colony on your property is to call the experts here at Bee Bustin. 

The Issue With Harming Honeybees On Your Property

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We’ve talked about how bees can be dangerous to you, but you, as a human, are much more dangerous to them. Unlike many other pests, destroying bees and their colonies is a big no-no. This is because we depend on bees for so much of our daily lives. Bees are the main pollinators for a large portion of the crops we eat. Without them, many of the fruits and veggies we love would be impossible to cultivate on a large scale and might even go extinct.

It’s not just our food on the line, either. If bee numbers dwindle, this could be a serious problem for ecosystems around the world, resulting in the deaths of countless plant species as they lose their primary or sole pollinators and can no longer breed. Since bee numbers are already collapsing around the world, it’s vital to avoid accelerating this issue by destroying bee colonies. Still, you can’t exactly let your kids and pets share a backyard with these aggressive wild animals either. That’s where we come in.

Here at Bee Bustin, we are experts in swarm trapping. We use scientifically designed artificial nests that provide a honey pot for honeybees. Bees choose to nest in the trap, and once they inhabit the trap, we remove it from your property. This allows us to relocate the bees without harming them or allowing them to harm you. Everybody wins!

Our Bee Removal Process

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The first thing we do when we come out to inspect your property is to scope out the problem. Established colonies that are already happy with their location may not fall for the trap. In this case, we may have to remove live bees and their honeycombs. The inspection will help us formulate a plan for how to best remove bees to protect them and the people living nearby.

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Next, we’ll execute the plan we formulated during the inspection. This may involve honeycomb or beehive removal. We’ll also set the swarm traps strategically around your property. We make sure to place them far away from your home or business to ensure the bees are not living in the trap right next to your front door. This protects everyone around the bees.

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Once we have all the bee clusters around your property, we will put them in safe containers and relocate them to standard beekeeping equipment where they can start their lives in a comfortable and controlled situation. Some hives are sent off to perform agricultural pollination, while others are released into the desert to keep our environment beautiful and thriving. Once we relocate the bees, we’ll also replace the traps to attract the next swarm of bees away from your home or commercial building.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swarm Trapping

No. Bee control in Tuscon is particularly dangerous because we have angry, aggressive “killer bees” that can and will mount violent attacks against any perceived threat. This is why you should always call the professionals when you need bee control.

Bee Bustin Is The Bee’s Knees Of Swarm Busting

If you have a bee infestation on your property, don’t harm them – and definitely don’t let them harm you. Call the professionals here at Bee Bustin instead. Our bee control services are friendly, affordable, and – best of all – safe for you and our bee friends!

Customer Reviews

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Justin came out to remove a swarm of honeybees. He did it in such a way to save, not kill the bees, for which we are grateful!

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Renee F

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