5 star review

Customer Reviews

Sandie Fleming - 5-Star Review

Great service! Prompt, knowledgeable, reasonable. Have used them a couple times. Knows what service means.

Response from business owner: Sandie glad we could help out and thank you for the review.

Michele O'Brien - 5-Star Review

I was thrilled at how fast Bee Bustin came out when I called about bees at my house. They were fast, communicative, and very reasonable. Highly recommend!

Response from business owner: Michele glad we could make it quick and easy for you.

A C - 5-Star Review

Very prompt especially on weekend, got the job done. Glad Justin was available.

Response from business owner: Glad we could help. 

Janice Sublette - 5-Star Review

Very good experience

Response from business owner: Thank you Janice.

Jaimr Johnson - 5-Star Review

The best

Response from business owner: Thank you

Renee Frederick - 5-Star Review

Justin came out to remove a swarm of honeybees. He did it in such a way to save, not kill the bees, for which we are grateful!

Response from business owner: Renee so glad we could help you out before your journey north. 

Chuck Hill - 5-Star Review

Very responsive. They do what they say they will do in the time they say. Very easy to work with.

Response from business owner: Thank you Chuck.

Mark Compton - 5-Star Review

Next day, on time, friendly, sprayed nest, bees gone in a day, good price.

Response from business owner: Thank you Mark

Kaety Byerley - 5-Star Review

Justin promptly came and dealt with a swarm of bees that had made a new home in our block wall. He was friendly and polite and gave us good advice. Scheduling and billing were effortless. All in all a good experience!

Response from business owner: Kaety we really appreciate you give us an awesome review. Glad we could help out.

Jack Furrier - 5-Star Review

quick fast and inexpensive

Response from business owner: Thank you

Joel Kramer - 5-Star Review

I will continue to use Bee Busters!!! And will have no problem promoting them to others!!!

Response from business owner: Joel thank you for taking time to give us a great review

Judy Mace - 5-Star Review

Bee Bustin was very professional and did a great job, he even repaired the wall after removing the honeycomb and honey. Awesome company. I recommend them to anyone needing pest service.

Response from business owner: Judy so glad we were able to help out and we appreciate you referring us.

Audrey Smith - 5-Star Review

Noticed a wasp nest on the edge of the roof tile. Was lucky Bee Busters were able to come within the hour. Was knowledgeable and professional. Was happy with the service and added to my contacts.

Response from business owner: Audrey thanks for the awesome review.

Linda Coronado - 5-Star Review

Great customer service. This was the first time I ever had a problem with wasp and they were great, answered all my questions. I would recommend them to anyone who has this problem.

Response from business owner: Linda thank you for the great review and we really appreciate referrals.

Greg Roberts - 5-Star Review

Justin responded right away and took care if my bee problem quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend Bee Bustin.

Response from business owner: Thank you Greg. Was a pleasure working for you.

Heath Calkins - 5-Star Review

Great communication, great detail in their service, very friendly and a great price!

Response from business owner: Much appreciated Heath. 

Mar & Al - 5-Star Review

Justin came out to help us with our bees under our gazebo. He did an excellent job. Very friendly and was able to carefully pull up gazebo boards. Definitely would hire Bee Bustin again.

Response from business owner: Thank you for taking time out of your day to give us an excellent review.

Bonnie Schroeder - 5-Star Review

I’ve had Bee Bustin to my home quite a few times for bees and wasps. They always get her in a timely manner and take care and f the problem completely.

Response from business owner: Thank you Bonnie

Jackie Mcfarland - 5-Star Review

Excellent service, friendly and affordable.

Response from business owner: Jackie we really appreciate the review. Thank you

Abe Turkin - 5-Star Review

Bees in the backyard kept attacking me every time I started the grass mower over a period of about 2 weeks I called Bee Busting and they came out a few days later and took care of the bees and I haven't had a bee problem anymore.

Gerard Lucius - 5-Star Review

Awesome response time and professionalism. Definitely will use again.

Response from business owner: Gerard we thank you for the great review.

Patty Plunkett - 5-Star Review

Justin was very thorough and interesting. He is starting a bee experience at the Tanque Verde guest ranch. Sounds very informative. He also sells his own honey.

Response from business owner: Thank you Patty

Kim DeVries - 5-Star Review

They were on time, did the job, easy payment. Boom, busted those wasps!

Response from business owner: Kim glad we could help. Thank you

Rick Rappaport - 5-Star Review

Hard to find people in that business with more humane respect for the critters he’s asked to rid as well as so many non toxic ways of successfully doing it! Top quality .

Response from business owner: Rick we are glad to have you as a customer and we really appreciate you taking time to give us a review.

D T35 - 5-Star Review

Very nice gentleman and very respectful and above all very knowledgeable. Especially when it came to my pets safety and information with things to look for and help prevent pest and insect problems. Highly recommend these people.

Response from business owner: Glad we could help out. Thank you for the awesome review

Enclave Foothills - 5-Star Review

Great service! Bee friendly when possible!

Response from business owner: Glad to be of service.

Monica Rodriguez - 5-Star Review

Super responsive every time!

Response from business owner: Thank you Monica.

Customer Reviews

a happy woman

Justin came out to remove a swarm of honeybees. He did it in such a way to save, not kill the bees, for which we are grateful!

a happy woman
Renee F

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