Keeping Moles At Bay: Expert Advice On Mole Control For Your Tucson Yard

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Tucson homeowners know just how difficult it can be to keep their yards well-maintained all year long. After you’ve worked diligently to make sure your landscape looks its best, the last thing  they want to see is raised trails throughout their yard. Moles that dig tunnels under the ground cause these trails. 

Mole runs are not only unsightly but can also be a tripping hazard, especially for older adults, young children, or other people with balance problems. At Bee Bustin, we offer a variety of mole extermination options in Tucson

Here is a look at some of the most effective prevention and elimination strategies to help keep your yard mole-free. 

Understanding Mole Behavior: How Moles Affect Yards And Gardens

Moles are small creatures, typically 4 to 8 inches long. Their bodies are covered in soft fur that is usually tan or gray. They are barely able to see out of their small eyes and depend on their senses of touch and smell to get from point A to Point B. They also have large front paws that are wide and sharp claws, which allows them to dig through the dirt easily. 

While moles in Tucson have a distinctive appearance, they don't usually travel above ground. Instead, these insectivores stay underground, where their primary food sources live. Moles are carnivores that eat various insects, but grubs and earthworms are probably their favorite to snack on. They use their large paws to dig tunnels underground. 

You should consult a local mole control expert if you see raised mounds or molehills in your yard. 

Assessing Mole Damage: Gauging The Extent Of Tunneling

Moles aren't a direct threat to humans. They spend most of their life underground and cannot spread diseases to people or pets. However, that doesn't mean that these animals are completely harmless. While digging tunnels through your yard, they are likely to cause damage to the root systems of the grass and plants nearby.

When our mole control specialists are inspecting a property, some of the most common signs that they find include:

  • Small holes in the ground

  • Patches of yellow or brown grass

  • Wilted plants in your yard

If you have several moles living in your yard, you will likely find several raised lines in your yard. These lines are from the mole´s tunnels, and they can make the ground soft and brittle, which could cause some people to fall or lose their balance if they step on these spots. To keep you and your plants safe, you should have your yard thoroughly inspected by a yard mole removal company. 

Mole-Proofing Garden Beds: Effective Techniques

While moles don't like to eat the fruit or vegetables that grow in your gardens, they will eat the insects that are attracted to the fruits and vegetables commonly found looking for a meal around flower and vegetable gardens.

Our Tucson home pest control experts recommend using gravel or wire mesh barriers around your gardens. You could also try using raised garden beds. 

Professional Mole Control: The Benefits Of Hiring Experts

If you are seeing signs of moles, give our local mole exterminators in Tucson a call. At Bee Bustin, we bring a level of expertise that you can’t find anywhere else. We can find and remove the moles from your property to keep your landscape looking its best.

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